by Kodacrome

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released July 29, 2014




Kodacrome Brooklyn, New York

Elissa (vocals synth) & Ryan (synth, electronics).

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Track Name: White Love
you're mean to me, i'm mean to you/spit out your coffee and kick off your shoes/you're mean to me, i'm mean to you/kick off your coffee and spit out your shoes

this is white love
Track Name: Immaculada
cinnamon sticks & bricks of gold/well enough hates to sail alone/well enough is a social animal/cities on ships and cotton crops/coffee for queens immaculada/vessels in threes lateens on top

i'm gonna draw you a dot so you can connect it/you're gonna drop me a line so i can refract it

count the clouds, a simple sum/if i had brains like you've got style, i wouldn't have to use my thumbs
Track Name: Buggy Bumper
red light under muddy buggy bumper/save it for the finger of the unsaved asunder

even if the heat is on/even if the room's on fire

save it for the baby who's afraid of all the wrong things/save it for the auction that sees the art to your destruction

even if the heat is on/even if the room's on fire
Track Name: Strike The Gold
clench your bets against your breast and hold your breath as time suspends/best pal and strike the gold will be neck and neck till the end/friend, if these blinders ever could blind you, now is the time
Track Name: Panama
borrowed wheels idling on the heels of your door
make a choice, this time good's just a pale shade of poor
miles and hours, ships and tanks, what's a forescore of steps?
count them out, add them up, turn around and subtract

circle round, picture planes, model cars, bottled boats
think of how heavy things shouldn't fly, shouldn't float

a man, a plan, a canal abandoned
Track Name: Dripstone
you plagiarized these words from the periodic table
your apocalyptic nature is only in jest
armor in the adriatic, coat of iron into rust
this is not a symbol

bottled all the sounds from an ever-shrinking mineral
your regard for repetition can only impress
catch a concert of stalactites, else an orchestra of ice
this is not a symbol
Track Name: Be My Oyster
seven faces in a line, and another seven yet, seven guesses to decide/twenty teeth to make a man, thirty more to spin a cog, forty eyes around the clock

when you get stuck in the gate, when you get thrown in the hole, will you stick it out with grace, will you slip it out with soap, be the oyster of my world, suck in sand and spit out pearls

you wear leather in the desert, and you wear defeat with grace, we won't see it on your face
Track Name: Mugshot
that's not the face i was looking for
the words to come won't be the same
you've had it rough, i've had it bad
nothing like that, and now
i'm looking at you

you weren't inclined, so i stole the lines
right from your teeth, and now
i'm talking like you
the glass was doubled, the switch was flipped, then i was
looking at you looking at me

picture the lids of the wise and rich
they were tucked in while you made this
Track Name: Solitary & Elect
from the banks i repent on behalf on the man whose propeller struck your back/from a cloud in a bath, you would hate to see revenge undermine the final laugh

from the banks i react, i am just another man, solitary and elect/from a seat in the back, circuits mangling messages, gas lamp lighting up the web

one last drink from the floes of the arctic, from the goldest goblet
Track Name: The City Is Burning
frozen summer/golden handcuffs/you are such a mess
hardware/software/you are such a mess

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